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Company Profile                       

Hardware Design with the following CPU's        Programming Languages

            Intel 8051 Core Series                                        C

            Dallas 80C320                                                   Assembly Language

            Phillips 80C552                                                  Visual Basic

            MicroChip PIC Family                                           Ladder Logic

            Zilog Z80


Real-time embedded control for use in Commercial, Industrial, and Marine Applications.

Communications:    RS-485, RS-232, TTL, and custom electrical interfaces.

Protocols:              Both asynchronous and synchronous CRC (Modbus, POCSAG, etc.)

Device Drivers:      LCD, printers, voice modules, Telephone DAA's, wireless products, etc. 


Previous Design Examples:

Industrial Data Acquisition and Control (RS-485 node based devices for Petro-Chemical industry)

Solar power traffic control "Arrow Boards" for highway construction.

Solar power area lighting for use in State Parks, construction sites, etc.

Wireless communications using FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) 900 MHz transceivers.

Tension Controller and Level Wind controller for Deep Water Seismic cable projects.

...and many, many others (spanning 22 years of business)


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