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Programming Service

Note: Refer to the Design Services page for example applications.

C Programming

Currently, the majority of projects developed by Eagle Systems use the C programming language.  The following CPU's are supported:

  • Intel 8051 core based microcontrollers (80C51, 80C31, Siemens 80C552, Dallas 80C320, etc)
  • The entire Microchip PIC series microcontrollers

Some of the applications include:

  • Device drivers for LCD displays, printers, dumb terminals, modems, LED displays.
  • Interrupt handlers for timers, a/d converters, serial ports, external events, watchdog
     timers, etc.
  • Protocol development and support for the Modbus, proprietary packet based
     CRC-16 protocols, ASCII protocols, Pocsag paging synchronous protocol, and 
    many others.
  • Visual is also used for the IBM PC platform.  Eagle Systems has
    experience with many different applications for IBM PC platforms.

Assembly Language Programming

Assembly programming was the language of choice prior to 1990 when C really became popular (and widely available for microcontrollers). Eagle Systems began using Z80 and Motorola 6800 assembly in 1979.  The following CPU's are currently supported:

  • Intel 8051 core based microcontrollers
  • The entire Microchip PIC series microcontrollers
  • Motorola 6800
  • Zilog Z80 (and core processors)
  • Texas Instruments 9900 processors

 Visual Programming

Visual Basic is used to create an MMI (User Interface) for:

Testing/Exercising of Embedded controller design
Data Entry Terminal
Process monitor and/or control interface
Network Monitor (RS-485 networks)

 Ladder Logic Programming

Eagle Systems has experience with many types of industrial PLC control systems.  PLC types supported:

Allen-Bradley SLC and Micrologix series
Honeywell 9200 and Logic Manager Series
Modicon 484, 584, 984 series
Siemens (Texas Instruments) 5xx series
DLxx Series from Automation Direct (Old PLC Direct)

The applications include:

  • Pipeline interlock and control systems
  • Marine Vapor Recovery systems
  • Tank Farm valve and pump control
  • Pipeline sample systems
  • Shutdown, interlock, and critical alarm systems
  • PID controls
  • PLC networking
  • Cable Testing systems
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • PWM motor controls
  • Building HVAC Controls
  • UPS Controls
  • Stepper Motor Controls

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