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Design Service

Intel 8051 based designs

Data Acquisition and Control System components

Wide variety of derivatives: Siemens 80C552, Dallas 80C320, and many others with the 80C51 core.

Some of the previous applications include:

  • Valve and Pump control in petrochemical industry
  • Data Acquisition Systems (analog and digital)
  • Control Interface for Distributed Control Systems (TDC3000)
  • Localized paging system interface

Microchip PIC based designs

Eagle Systems can support the entire Microchip PIC processor family. Our emulators will support all crystal frequencies available for the devices.

Some of the previous applications include:

  • Valve and Pump control in petrochemical industry
  • Automated testing systems
  • Text-to-speech / voice systems
  • Ultrasonic motion and distance measurement
  • Infrared (passive and active) motion detection
  • Telephone DAA interfaces
  • Alarm system interfaces
  • Data Acquisition and Control applications
  • Wireless Communications/Controls
  • Solar Charging Systems with battery management
  • Solar Powered Traffic Control Equipment
  • I/V and V/I converters
  • Telemetry systems for remote control sites
  • Wireless FHSS Transceivers in the 900 MHz range
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Power area lighting controller

Op-Amp (Analog Designs)

Some applications require a pure analog approach (without a cpu/microcontroller or ttl components).  Eagle Systems has experience with op-amp designs for a variety of applications: signal conditioning, level translation, amplification, isolation, differential to single-ended conversion, trip point sensing, integral only controllers, and many other applications. 

 Some of the previous applications include:

  • Tension Control for data cables
  • Control Loop 4-20ma input/output
  • Differential Signal Conditioners
  • Pre-Amps for low level signals (audio, ultrasonic, etc)
  • I/V and V/I converters

Engineering and Product Support

Have a great idea but you don't have a large R&D budget to get your product developed, tested, and into production ?  We have helped other companies in the past by:

  • Defer all engineering and parts cost until product sales begin. 
  • Eagle Systems develops, supports, and manufactures the design with no "up front"
    cost to the customer.  All costs are amortized over each card sale in the future.
  • Enter into a "partnership" with the customer to share in the "risk/reward" of the


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