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  MM1a Message Mate

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[New!]MM1a Message Mate 
Four Input Event Triggered Message Module

MM1a Message Mate         $ 224.00 ea 
MM1a Power Supply          $    18.00 ea 
MM1a Speaker                     $    23.00 ea 


Click Here to download MM1a Data Sheet 111kb

The MM1a Message Mate is a four input, event triggered message playback system, using all solid state components.   All features and functions of the MM1a are microprocessor controlled using the Microchip PIC series microcontrollers. The voice/playback design is based on the Information Storage Devices' ISD2500 ChipCorder® series single-chip voice record/playback devices.  The MM1 100% CMOS design includes a built in  microphone, microphone preamplifier, automatic gain control, speaker amplifier, power supply,  and an external speaker terminal block (8 ohm speaker).   The ISD components use EEPROM, and will provide up to 100 years of power-off message retention.  

The recording and playback quality of the Message Mate is excellent !  Each of the four messages can be individually recorded and played back without altering the other three messages.  Each message can be up to 18 seconds in duration.  The on-board CPU will monitor all activities during message recording and playback. If a message is less than 18 seconds in length, the CPU will stop the playback when an End Of Message marker is detected.  For example, if the message is 10 seconds in length, the playback will be 10 seconds in length (there will not be 8 seconds of silence at the end of the message). If the user tries to record a message longer than 18 seconds, the "RECORD" led will turn OFF, the status display will have a value of "18.0" (for 18.0 seconds), and three quick beeps will be emitted by the on-board beeper.

An on-board 2 line 8-digit LCD has 3 different functions, depending on the active mode:

Playback:    The total seconds used by the playback message are shown.

Record:        The total seconds used by the recorded message are shown.

Message Selection:    Used to display the message selected for recording.

Key Features

  • Screw lug terminal block for all field signal inputs.
  • Open Drain output for "playback active" indication.
  • Individual status led's for trigger inputs.
  • Individual test buttons for all four trigger inputs.
  • On-board microphone for message recording.
  • Speaker volume control.
  • External speaker terminal block for 8 ohm speakers (speaker provided).
  • Mute button.
  • Record inhibit jumper to prevent message recording (after field installation).

Documentation Provided:

        Operations/Applications Manual

        Full Schematics with example connection diagrams

       Click Here to download MM1a Data Sheet 111kb

Power Requirements:

        9-15 vdc @ 30ma (200 ma during playback). Power Supply is provided.


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