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ES001: C Program example for generating Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).
Contains a CRC generating code example written in C. Also has a brief explanation of the CRC polynomial with accuracy tables.

es001.pdf    12kb    Click Here to Download

ES002: Eagle Systems RS-485 Protocol Manual.
This document will provide some design guidelines on the implementation of an RS-485 communications bus.  
        Hardware Topics:    S+ and S- balanced transmission lines
                                            LTC1487 RS-485 Transmitter
                                            Surge Protection
                                            Address Switch Layout
                                            Using RS-485 with PIC Processors and 8051 series
        Software Topics:       Data Transmission Sequence
                                             Bit Packing
                                            Message Framing
                                            Function Code Examples
                                            CRC Generation with C program example

es002.pdf    63 kb    Click Here to Download

ES003: Daylight Saving Time Algorithm
Daylight Saving explained with conversion formulas for your embedded design.

es003.pdf  33kb  Click Here to Download


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